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FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 12:00am PST
. the california federation of teachers has unleashed a video for higher taxes on the rich. the video fairy tale aimed at kids and is narrated by the red head on "the view" and portrays the 1% as selfish and morally bent. roll take, roll tapers. >> rich people decided they were not rich enough, so they decided on a way to get richer. first was tax cuts. they didn't mind if this was fewer services for everyone. they said why do i care about other nonrich people? i can hear waste disposal people to work for me for less money than taxes cost and then i can keep the rest of the taxes for me. >> that tickled my outrage bone. let's see what happens when we cut taxes for the rich. >> schools, public safety, the eds, parks, libraries, public transportation all went into decline. the rich people didn't care. they said everyone gets what they deserve. ordinary people wondered why rich people needed so much money. the 1% said, don't worry. this is good for you too. it will trickle down from us to you. >> all right. you know who remains blissfully unaware of this debate over taxes? >> wow, that is ed asner.
FOX News
Dec 22, 2012 12:00am PST
gave his pet rodent to a shrieking fan outside a concert. this is terrible. the california hamster association, yes, them again, says the pop star's so-called gift was death sentence for his fury and former pal. is this a real story? a spokesperson tells tmz "the moment that hamster was handed to a screaming girl if a harsh frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom." this person is genius. i think this is fake. tmz says the 18-year-old fan at the center of this scandal says, quote, vowed to treat the animal as a tiny rodent god, like me. and promised to love and cherish it forever. let's discuss this in the -- >> lightning roooooouuuunnnddd. lightning round. >> carrie, could you argue that justin actually did the hamster a favor that by giving it to a super fan, he knows that hamster will be better taken care of than most people on the planet? >> yes because tour buss are no place to raise a hamster. ask journey. >> it is true. it is literally a treadmill. >> who wants to be on a treadmill for the rest of their lives going round and round and
FOX News
Dec 8, 2012 12:00am PST
by california's invasive plant council. i belong to that, but i had to leave because they touched me. incidentally amazon customers who bought that last book bought "the joy of hate." many aren't happy about the plan with one critic saying in the end education has to be more about -- more than simply ensuring that kids can get a job. isn't it supposed to be about making well-rounded citizens? schools are reportedly also looking at replacing teachers with these. >> that's aned schulz joke. -- that's an ed schulz book. >> this story when i first read it i thought, i can kind of see that. i don't ever read fiction, and i can see just filling your time with nonfiction, this is a perfect example of the way the government behaves. they start out with an okay premise, and then they abandon it halfway through. they go, let's take out all of the fiction and make these guys smart with nonfiction. what kind of books? what? a book of plants and then this other book like something about an invasive species. i don't like the work part coming up with new books. >> they use bureaucratic tracks and r
FOX News
Dec 12, 2012 12:00am PST
. it is a great name. it is in stockton, california. but i don't agree with what they d it turned into a pink slip with the restaurant announcing that he was immediately terminated. they said the family is embarrassed and we will hold a staff meeting to train our remaining employees so this never happens again. speaking of jerks. >> that makes me sick to my stomach. you said the server should get a raise. what kind of animal are you? >> first of all, i would like to set the record straight. what this waiter did is absolutely disgusting, and the restaurant has a right to fire him for disrespecting paid customers. but what is not clear is if you look very closely at the receipt , you are not quite sure he intended for those girls to see that. i mean his name is there so obviously he wrote it, and it could have been a way of identifying the order with the table which is common. with that said what is not a joke in this country and i would like the opportunity to mention it is the poor state of food we have. even when you go to a grocery store and make an attempt to lose weight you want low fat and th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4